Enterprise Applications

  • Government to Government Integration

    Dynamic Smart Solutions adopts different methods of integrations; point-to-point integration, hub-based integration and bus-based integration for data exchange and orchestration in business processes between the various related entities in an effort to provide a high-end asynchronous and loosely coupled integration.

    We believe that the asset of integration is the data and the process around this practice. Our team of experts has a solid background on architecting integration using interoperable, open standards and XML based interfaces.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions has facilitated the objective of G2G integration by implementing secure mechanisms to encrypt and protect the data exchange and implemented well defined approaches for authorization and authentications, in addition to data logging configuration for audit, reporting and future optimizations.

  • Government to Citizen Services

    Nowadays government entities engage with citizens by offering their services, not only through conventional service centers, but also across multiple delivery channels such as websites and portals (E-services), mobility services, postal mails, emails, interactive messaging, self-service centers (Kiosks) and other innovative channels that aims to build closer relationships between the citizens and the government and transforms governments to become more responsive.

    Our team of experts has built portals and mobility solutions that combines information access and transaction processing with collaboration, workflow management and social networking mechanisms that eased, simplified and reengineered the processes and services for both citizens and governments.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions has the ability to adopt open source frameworks and commercially leading products to customize the solutions according to the clients' requirements through a cost-effective and efficient model.

  • Custom Developed Solutions

    Dynamic Smart Solutions adopts different approaches and methods for custom and Bespoke developments based on the clients' requirements and constraints that vary from classic software development life-cycle, iterative to agile.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions utilizes state-of-the-art tools and casesto plan, design, develop, test and integrate target systems and applications. We have successfully formulated different skilled teams on Oracle (FORMS, REPORTS, APEX, and PL\SQL), PHP, Microsoft (.NET, SHAREPOINT), IBM and JAVA technologies.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions glides beyond standard and embedded applications to N-Tier and mobility applications. Artifacts from some of the customized development projects have been renovated as generic packages to be offered to our customers as off-the shelf applications.

  • Healthcare Management Solution

    Dynamic Smart Solutions team of experts adopts the best practice in the healthcare domain through the building and implementation of a fully automated Medical Fitness Solutions that enables better health care, improves the efficiency, and increases the quality of the business services.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions provides a fully automated Medical Fitness Solution with a consolidated and unique patient profile taking into consideration all patient's information and medical records. The solution is fully integrated with the Laboratory Information System (LIS) and the Radiology Information System (RIS) thus enabling the issuance of health fitness certificates, maintaining and electronic record for the patient, and performing all medical procedures in out-patient clinics

  • Correspondence & Collaboration Solutions

    Since federal entities are geographically distributed and the number of correspondences between entities is increasing, Dynamic Smart Solutions has realized these challenges and developed Electronic Correspondence Systems that supports the secure exchange, storage, tracking and retrieval of correspondences and documents thus achieving a paperless organization.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions designed the system to automate and standardize the process of preparing the correspondences and communications in organizations and enterprises; and to ensure full office automation according to the organization's hierarchy and approvals workflow. The system is currently being implemented and used by hundreds of thousands of users across UAE and GCC.

    Our ECS solutions helps in saving the time and efforts spent on the traditional communications and collaboration by providing a simple and easy to use GUI interface that eases the communication and collaboration through the use of electronic archiving and electronic signatures, thus adding a smooth flow in the circulation of official documents and interacting with them.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    Dynamic Smart Solutions implemented a complete integrated solution that automates the main operations and processes within the enterprise comprising of finance, assets, supply chain, human resources and customer relationship management.

    Our services facilities the flow of information between all the business functions in the organizations and manages the connections with the outside trading partners (customers, suppliers, stockholders, banks, legal authorities).

    Dynamic Smart Solutions adapts a comprehensive integrated solution along with a mobility plugin that eases and simplifies the usage of the various ERP functionalities which integrates with the various co-existing suites taking into consideration the best business practices.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions has implemented an in-house integrated HRMS; finance and procurement solutions as a plug and play concept for medium and big scale organizations.