Emerging Technologies

  • Robotics & Automation

    Dynamic Smart Solutions recognizes the future of innovative automation and robotics based on the evolution and development that has occurred in their volume, accuracy, processing speed, capital cost, intelligence, and machine learning. Today, robotics and automation have been involved in many business sectors and are not limited to industrial factories and defense but also in health surgery, food production, agriculture, aerospace and others.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions is investing to introduce robots in public and service sectors by replacing conventional kiosks and self-service stations. This is in accordance with the improvements in the safety measures which allows automation and robots to interact directly with the public without the employees' intervention thus achieving more efficiency and happiness in the results.

    Robotics, automation, and machine learning are still considered as emerging technologies with their cases and applications increasing over time. Dynamic Smart Solutions is capitalizing to consider the subject as one of their main line of businesses in the near future.

  • Smart Cities

    Dynamic Smart Solutions with its various capabilities in mobility, software development, traffic systems, healthcare services, and smart buildings can support cities to achieve their smart initiatives and programs for enhancing their livability, workability and sustainability.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions understands the importance of the new leap in information and communication, and the mature use of M2M for several real life cases towards the implementation of IoT to empower achieving a smart city in data sharing and smart services for citizens across the city.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions tamed different system cases on data sharing by utilizing open standards that contributes to the enablement of a smart city. One of our case studies is the building management systems automatically sends fire alarms to the Command and Control Center in order to notify them about the fire's location, which in turn sends the building's details including the location coordinates along with the best route to the mobile data terminal (MDT) which resides with the dispatched vehicles in order to allow the driver to reach the incident in the minimal possible time and with minimum effort. Another case study is the fog sensors that send a notification to the traffic monitoring displays to show a message that notifies drivers within the region about the visibility range and the reduced speed limit, it also notifies the speed enforcement system to reduce the speed limit within seconds and without any human intervention.

  • Smart Stations

    Dynamic Smart Solutions realizes the next generation of computing depends on smart and artificial intelligence and taking advantage of rapid growth of communications and machine-to-machine technologies.

    Dynamic Smart Solutions implemented smart stations concept at government offices and operation rooms. The main concept of smart stations is to create a Central Integrated Management System (CIMS) that assists and enhances the operational capabilities and readiness of the stations and operation.

    We have successfully designed and implemented the smart stations solution at the Fire Stations in Abu Dhabi to enable the Civil Defense department to monitor, automate, and control the stations remotely in an efficient manner and in the fastest response time. The smart control covers water tanks, electricity power, air-con, garage door, access door, fire call alarm, siren, lights, flashers, etc. Dynamic Smart Solutions offers this great experience to service centers, buildings and compounds for the benefit of targeting better operational KPIs, security improvements, and green environment support.