Dynamic Smart Solutions have partnered with the world leading manufacturer of digital camera enforcement systems to deliver a quality product to the government authorities helping them plan, manage and develop road safety plans. These products range from laser gun speed detection to more advanced speed enforcement solutions.

As part of Abu Dhabi Police road safety strategy Dynamic Smart Solutions was the strategic key parnter that installed, operated and maintained more than 653 speed enforcement cameras including but not limited to the folowing :

  • Fixed speed system

  • Mobile Radar System

  • Laser gun


  • Point to point speed detection

  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system

  • In addition to Back office software for violation processing and ticket issuing with the different types of detection technology (Doppler radar, laser detection, video detection) and detection capabilities our systems ensure precise speed reporting of the violating vehicle.

Also our systems capable of:

  • +  Bidirectional enforcement.

  • +  Distinguish between vehicle classification: car, truck, motorcycle.

  • +  Lane specification for the violating vehicle.

  • +  Per lane speed detection (enforcing on different speeds for different lanes).

  • +  Scheduled enforcement.

  • +  Average speed enforcement on point to point sites. 

  • +  Number plate recognition where black listed vehicles can be easily tracked.

  • +  CCTV monitoring to reduce the number of vandalism on systems